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*Insurance will only cover pain related conditions in your musculoskeletal system.

*Please contact your insurance carrier to verify acupuncture coverage as it may vary by member’s policy. 

*We may ask you to pay until the insurance claim comes back on some plans.

If you have insurance, please bring your card with you to your visit.

We do NOT accept Medicare at this moment.


UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue

UnitedHealthcare Navigate

UnitedHealthcare Compass

UnitedHealthcare Charter

NexusACO R


UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete

UnitedHealthcare Medicare (Supplemental Benefit)

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions (West)

California Schools VEBA

[Sutter Health Plus]

Sutter Health Plus

[Kaiser Permanante]



[American Specialty Health]

[Health Net]


[Blue Shield]

[Landmark HealthPlan] 

[Western Health Advantage]

[Vitality Health Plan of California]

*This list does NOT guarantee your benefit as benefits are specific to your policy.

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