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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest literate and continuously practiced forms of medicine in the world. It evolved from over 2000 years of clinical observations and reflects the Chinese cultural legacy and values of longevity and wellness. Today, traditional Chinese medicine is the primary healthcare system for over 25% of the world’s population and is the fastest growing form of healthcare in the United States providing care as the alternative method for pain management. The fact that TCM has existed for thousands of years, and is still used today, is a testament to its value as a highly effective form of healthcare. The best part is that it can be catered to every person's need and it treats the root of the problem, not the symptoms.

Mint Acupuncture Clinic is determined to provide patients natural healing treatments with that very method and continue its legacy. We strive to give our patients a safe and healthy alternative to invasive surgery, chemical pills, or continuous hospital visits. Our focus is on our patient's need and keeping them healthy and happy!


These sterilized medical stainless steel needles are very fine and will not feel the pain you get from injection needles. They are inserted into specific meridian points needed for each patient's unique condition.


Gentle electrostimulation will be applied to needles in some cases such as auto accident and sports injuries and other muscle and joint pain.


Suction cups are applied for designated area for better circulation and to release the toxins from our body. Our gliding glass cup massage provides a very relaxing experience.

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